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• Tourist Palaces
• Jaipur Photographs
• Local Conducted Tours
• What and where to buy
• What to eat
• Must visit Places
• Jaipur Festival Calendar
• Excursions from Jaipur




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What to Eat in Jaipur

Tourist Palaces • Jaipur Photographs • Local Conducted Tours • What and where to buy
What to eat • Must visit Places • Jaipur Festival Calendar • Excursions from Jaipur

Rajasthani cooking was influenced by the war-like lifestyle of its inhabitants and the availability of in this region. Food that could last for several days and could be eaten without heating was preferred, more out of necessity than choice. Scarcity of water, fresh green vegetables have had their effect on cooking. dried lentils, beans from indigenous plants like sangri, ker etc. are liberally used. Gram flour is a major ingredient here and is used to make some of the delicacies like gatta ki sabzi, pakodi; powdered lentils are used for mangodi, papad. Bajra and corn are used all over the state ofr preparations of rabdi, khichadi and rotis. Varous chutneys are made from locally available spices like turmeric, coriander, mint and garlic. Perhaps the best known rajasthani food is the combination of dal, bati and churma but for the adventurous traveler, willing to experiment, there is a lot of variety available and in Jaipir Ghewar is a popular dish. Aside from Indian, major international cuisines are available in hotels and restaurants. Most of the hotels also serve Continental food. Bars close at 11 p.m. though most restaurants stay open till midnight, most of the five star hotels have 24-hour coffee shops.

Restaurant Area Specialty
LMB Johri Bazar Rajasthani ethinic food
Annapurna Behind Rajmandir Cinema Gujrati Cuisine
Rawat Misthan Bhandar Station Road Sweets
Copper Chimney MI Road International, A/c excellent dιcor
Surya Mahal MI Road Indian, Paneer butter masala
Pizza Hut MI Road Itallian Pizzas
Natraj MI Road Multicuisine
Indian Coffee House Kishan Pol Snacks
Niros MI Road Continental/Indian

Dal Batti Churma
Recognised as a Rajasthan speciality, Dal-batti-churma, is a wholesome Rajasthani meal. Dal, or lentil curry, is served with Bhatti, a roundel of stuffed flour that's baked in a charcoal fire or oven. Choorma is a sweet dish made with flour, jaggery or sugar and ghee.

Bhatti comes in varieties acts as a substitute for rotis. You could opt for plain batti, or try the more exotic masala, dry fruit or missi battis. Batti is made out of wheat, flour, millet or a mix of maize and wheat flour, with loads of ghee.

There is also an unending variety in churma - the colour of which depends on the ingredients. To relish Dal-bhatti-churma at a nominal expense, check out the dhabas near Sindhi Camp (Central) Bus Stand.

Mawa Kachori
A kachori filled with mawa and sugar syrup, this delicacy is not to be missed. It is available at all sweet shops. In Jaipur, try famous sweet shops such as Rawat sweets and Kanji sweets near the bus stand and at LMB, Johri Bazar.


A deep-fried sweet dish, Ghewar is in great demand during festivals such as Gangaur and Teej. It comes in varieties such as plain, desi ghee and mawa. The best shops for this are LMB at Johri Bazar and Rawat Sweets.

Mirchi Bada
Sharing prime spot with samosas and kachoris in the snack market are Mirchi Badas - green chillies dunked in besan and deep fried. You can even find vendors selling these on makeshift handcarts by the roadside.

Rajasthani Subji
Gatte ki subji
, Rajasthani curry, Mangori, Pakodi and Ker Sangari, the traditional subjis, are part of the daily meals here. A papad - plain or masala - is a must to sum up meals, as a tradition in Rajasthan.


What is interesting about Rajasthan is the variety of rotis one gets, even in the smallest eating place. Bajre Ki Roti, Makki Ki Roti, Jau-Channa Ki Roti, Besan Ki Roti, Cheelra, Paratha, Puri, Methi Puri, Rumali Roti… the list is endless.


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Tourist Palaces • Jaipur Photographs • Local Conducted Tours • What and where to buy
What to eat • Must visit Places • Jaipur Festival Calendar • Excursions from Jaipur


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